Micraster EMPORIUM


On this website I will try to give the reader information, descriptions, pictures and a variety of literature of the fossil sea urchin Micraster. Wit this I will try to create an overview of the different species of this genera. Over the last 200 years several scientist have created a dense misty forest around these creatures by giving their own newly found Micrasters all different names. The website is foremost informative and I hope you will question my remarks as well as that of the authorities in question.

To find the Micrasters first you have to click this button, The links will guide you to the countries, just click on the map and there will appear species of Micraster which I have tried to link with the work of Stokes. The colours on the map show, in general the different regions of which he speaks. The other links "Literature", "Links", "Email" speak for themselves. Please send me emails with remarks, questions etc..

Please feel free to donate material or papers so I can try to make this site even better !!


I will follow for this site the latest genera of the Micrasteridae which Andrew Smith (NHM Londen) has described on his fantastic website for echinoids. For the moment I limit my research to the first 3 genera. One of the reasons for this is that these genera are easy to find around Europe and therefore makes it easy to compare great numbers of these echinoids.

  • Micraster
  • Gibbaster
  • Pseudogibbaster
  • Diplodetus
  • Plesiaster
  • Ovulaster
  • Habanaster
  • Turanglaster
If you want to exchange some echinoids, please drop me an email.


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